Official 841 Gear

Otter 841 Official Gear!

Rad academy sells the local and official Otter 841 gear! Click the red button to head over to our gift shop. All profits go to local kids and families. Rad!

-Sea Otter 841 official shirts, Team Otter bumper stickers, otter 841 totes and crewnecks, and the official freedom for 841 hoodie!

About Sea Otter 841

Otter 841 is a five-year-old female sea otter who has become famous for her unusual and playful behavior with surfers and surfboards in Santa Cruz, California. She was born in captivity to a mother who was habituated to humans, and was released into the wild in June 2020 with a tag and a radio transmitter. She has been observed approaching people, jumping on and off their boards, and even biting them. She has also eluded multiple attempts to capture and relocate her by wildlife officials who are concerned about her safety and the potential risk she poses to humans. She has gained a lot of attention and admiration from online commenters, photographers, and local surfers who have nicknamed her the “surfboard pirate” or the “surfboard bandit”. She is the only sea otter in California who exhibits this kind of behavior. Rad!

Do you like sea otters?

They are very cute and intelligent animals, but they are also endangered and face many threats from pollution, habitat loss, shark attacks, and illegal hunting. They play an important role in the marine ecosystem by eating sea urchins that would otherwise overgraze the kelp forests. They also have the densest fur of any mammal, which helps them stay warm in the cold water. They are very social and often hold hands with each other while sleeping to avoid drifting apart. They are one of the few animals that use tools, such as rocks, to crack open shells and clams. They can live up to 20 years in the wild, but they need a lot of food and care to survive.