Here is where we will update you on our hourly rentals, art classes, theater classes, music classes, and writing classes.


It’s Thursday and our first week open isn’t finished yet! So far we’ve had relatively successful classes. On Monday, we had a STEAM class were we made secret messages. We created maps using lemon juice that students took home to put in the oven to reappear. Have you ever wondered how that works? Well, our students know now that the citric acid in a lemon breaks the molecular chains of the cellulose in paper, and it speeds up the aging process turning the paper brown with heat! Science is truly magical.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did string painting! It was so rad to experiment with colors and shapes that we didn’t even want to use a brush. Mixed Media Art classes are so fun.

Today we have creative writing classes for adults and kids. This time we’ll use words as symbols to paint pictures.

Tomorrow, we’ll have our first movie night! Drop your kids off, and enjoy a date night here at Deer Park while we watch Nacho Libre and make Luchador masks. On Saturday, we’ll have a book arts class, Acrylic painting classes for teens, and some more creative writing. See you then!

-Ms. Brogan

PS If you’re looking to teach a class, we rent space by the hour. Just go to our classes and camps page and click “schedules”, then click “appointments” from the drop down menu. If you have any questions you can email



We are so excited to offer summer camps in Aptos with early drop off and extended day.

STEAM Summer Camp : Chemistry! Engineering! Biology! Tech! Robots! This science camp has everything–with a creative twist! We’re doing all the experiments in this month long Science Camp. Your kids will develop a passion and understanding of science that will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Art Summer Camp: Explore a variety of materials, media, and techniques. We will explore everything from ceramics to drawing and junk art. This class will have several projects and we will look at how artists used these techniques throughout art history. 

Acting Summer Camp:Learning acting fundamentals for theater, film, and television. Ever wonder how actors audition? Wanna learn how to fake cry? Acting is the most important skill on the planet. Students will essentially learn how to control their behaviors, gauge their audience, and speak confidently. This class teaches different acting techniques and culminates in a small showcase of skills. 

Film/Literature Summer Camp: Let’s propell your student’s English skills in this film and literature class. We will be reading books and watching movies while analysing all the elements of literature contained in story. We will even do some creative writing of our own. Your students reading levels will grow this summer with the help of a credentialed reading specialist. Summer reading is one of the most important academic enrichment activities you can provide for your student. Sign up!

Early Drop off and Extended Day Camps: For students who need to come early or stay after the camp, we will have a grab bag of activities: Yoga, reading, movies, art etc.